Exercise – getting a jump on the new year

Over the weekend I finally went for a bike ride: just over 12 miles, averaging only 17 mph. And I thought I was going to die. It was overcast, cold (for here, anyway), and windy.

When I got back home I felt like I’d just finished a marathon. What happened to 43 miles @ 17 mph from this summer? Not much riding lately, that’s what.

So today, on another windy (but sunny and not too cold) day, I decided to go for a brisk 30-minute walk. No special clothes required (other than my running shoes), no painful rump after 30 minutes, easy to see cars and get out of the way if necessary. . .

It was fun.

And I got to see stuff I would have missed on the bike.

When I ride my bike I’m always trying to keep the pace up, even when I’m tired. Which means my head is pointed straight ahead and I’m focused on the road in front of me; no time to look around.

On my walk I

  • saw a horse that looked like she was trying to give birth (she was too far away and not far enough along to tell for sure);
  • said Hello to the garbage men;
  • discovered the “executive home site” down the road is actually 336 feet across, not 334 as described on the sign; (the property is over 600 feet deep according to the sign – imagine, they could build a few soccer fields, or tons of tennis courts there);
  • heard a gate alarm whining away to nobody (except me), complaining that it couldn’t close.

On my bike I wouldn’t have seen, said, discovered, or heard any of that.

OK. Back to prepping demos.

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