Resources for Microsoft’s ALM solution

Hey, if you don’t want to read this post, just watch the video. . .


If you’re looking for information about any of Microsoft’s application development stack, your one-stop shop is this page: It’s chocked full of links to anything you’re thinking about.


For instance, the Application LifeCycle Management link takes you to the ALM development center, which has How Do I content Essential Downloads links, links to Documentation and Training, Videos, and more.


So if you have questions about Team Foundation Server 2010 administration, you can click through to Administering Team Foundation on the MSDN Library site. That’s where you’ll find information on:

  • Understanding Administrative Concepts and Tools
  • Managing the Server Configuration
  • Configuring Users, Groups, and Permissions
  • Backing up and Restoring Your Deployment
  • and so on…


Sound like I’m trying to sell you something? Maybe. But it’s really high quality stuff. All there for you to take advantage of. 

Surf to your heart’s content. . .

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