I took a lunch break this afternoon after finishing a 2-hour webcast for a customer.

Zach and I took a look at the pictures I’d snapped during the Jack Johnson concert last night. Got some pretty good ones, especially when he did a surprise jam session before the concert at the little open air stage beside the amphitheater itself. We happened to get real close to the front for that.

jj1  jj2  jj3

After we looked at the pictures I made myself a sandwich, then started looking at the P90X book for week #5, which starts tomorrow. Zach started surfing the web at the kitchen computer as I debated whether I wanted to do the “classic” week 5, or go to the “doubles” week 5. Doubles adds an hour of cardio each morning four days of the week, in addition to all the other strength conditioning that’s part of “classic.”

I was reading him some of the extra exercises when he stopped me, saying, “I’m trying to read something here.”

I went on, looking at the book for another minute or so, then walked over to the computer.

He was looking at an article on about a Marine who had been killed a few days ago in Afghanistan. The guy looked like a kid. Looked about Zach’s age. He died while in combat operations.

Turns out that Zach knew him.

While we’re here, enjoying concerts, talking about which exercise routines to do next, going about our normal lives, soldiers are still dying. Even those who are my son’s age.

Pretty sobering.

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