Week 5, day 1: doubles

I’m going to give doubles a try. Cardio in the morning 3-4 times a week; the hard-core workout in the evenings. So, 45 minutes of cardio this morning, which was a subset of the yoga and kenpo routines that I’ve already been doing – not too terribly bad. This evening? Oof! A bit different. Since last week was a recovery week I didn’t have to do many pushups or sit ups. This evening: shoulders, triceps, chest, and abs. Translated: lots of pushups. Wow. Very hard core. After going until I almost couldn’t move any more, I forgot about abs until I had showered and dried off. Doh! I threw on my wet clothes and went back for 15 minutes of ab “heaven,” followed by another shower. Whew.

Notes to self after day 1:

  1. Always complete the entire workout routine before showering
  2. Buy a bunch of cheap work-out shorts. I’m going to burn through them pretty quickly if I continue with two-a-days
  3. Go to bed earlier and get plenty of sleep. 6 hours isn’t going to cut it

Tomorrow morning: plyometrics. Then Pam and I are heading out for some peace and quiet on the water with our pedal kayaks.

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