French fries

Pam and I decided to drive up to Weeki Wachee today, home of the live mermaids, and the Hernando Beach area. We cruised on up in Pam’s Miata, top down and radio blaring, enjoying the bit of cloud cover that helped keep the temperature down to a reasonable level. Once we got out of Tampa traffic and hit the Suncoast Parkway, life was very good.

ww1  ww2

Driving around Weeki Wachee is like driving back in time to a slower and simpler Florida. The moss covered trees hanging over Weeki Wachee Springs and River, the kayaks and canoes on the water, the kids swimming in the 72 degree water. . . It seemed like we had stepped back to Florida of the mid-1960s.

ww3  ww4

About mid afternoon we found a cool bar right on the river. I grabbed my baseball cap and we went inside. Good beer, decent hamburgers, great music, and perfect French fries. As we were eating I could start to feel my forehead. As in that toasty, sunburned kind of feeling. Dang. It’s still summertime, and even with the cloud cover, the rays were still beating down. Without any sunscreen, my forehead, cheeks and nose turned into French fries. I left my hat on when we got back to the car, but the damage had been done.


Ah well, live and never learn.

The drive back this evening was spectacular, thanks to a huge thunderstorm off in the distance. Lightning lit up the sky with brilliant streaks, and the thunder rolled. Awesome.

When we got back home we were completely pooped. I grabbed a nice cool shower then put some sunscreen on my face (like that’s going to do anything at this point). Right now? Just chillin and looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

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