This was bound to happen. . .

I love SunChips. They taste great. They’re not loaded down with nearly as many calories as regular potato chips. And I like the sun.

But a couple of months ago, while I was on a bare necessities shopping run (beer, milk, bread, SunChips, PB&J) I was nearly deafened as I grabbed the bag of SunChips. I dropped the bag like I’d been shocked. What the heck?

Turns out it was one of their new “100% compostable” bags. Now, I’m all for the environment, but this bag was made out of material that, when touched, or even looked at with a steady gaze, would make a sound like 1000 snare drums that were hooked up to a ginormous amplifier turned up to 11.

Giving in to my SunChips craving, I tossed the bag into my shopping card and dashed to the register.

At home I found out just how loud the bag really was. As I unloaded the groceries, our dogs began to howl. My neighbor’s dogs (about 100 yards away) started to howl. Our horses spooked and stampeded to the far end of the property. That night, while I was grabbing a late night snack, the bag woke up Pam.

I haven’t bought any more SunChips since then. It’s been a sad time. But, I just saw that the makers of SunChips have had a change of heart after a groundswell of complaints about the bags: they’re going to package them in both the new loud bags, and the original quiet bags.

I can go back to eating my chips in peace! Yay!

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