A must-read blog post on deploying Metro style Windows 8 apps to businesses

The Windows Store blog has an important post on deploying Metro style Windows 8 apps to businesses. Very much worth reading – twice.

From the blog post:

When it comes to building a Metro style app for business users, the first thing you should consider—whether you are a developer or an IT admin—is how you’ll deploy the app. You have two options available:

  • Make the app available through the Windows Store, which means the app must adhere to the same certification policies and process required for all apps in the Store
  • Build the app internally or sell it directly to the enterprise, which means IT admins must distribute the app directly to end-users within the enterprise, without involving the Store.

The post goes on to discuss two types of business apps

  1. Business-targeted apps in the Windows Store and
  2. Direct distribution of a Metro style app (as in a custom and proprietary line-of-business app or enterprise software purchased directly from an ISV).

Head on over and give it a read. And Happy Windows 8-ing !

bliz (@SnowstormLife)

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